DEFT Linux 2017.1 Zero CD (Forensik)

DEFT Linux 2017.1 Zero CD (Forensik)

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vom 14.2.2017. Live-System mit dem Schwerpunt Forensik.

"DEFT Zero is a light edition of DEFT specifically designed to perform forensic acquisition of digital evidence. Among the biggest features is the support to NVMExpress memory (MacBook 2015), eMMC memories and UEFI. DEFT Zero requires considerably lower space in RAM and on a CDROM or USB drive. It needs about 400 MB, which can even boot in the RAM pre-loaded mode on a obsolete and low-resource hardware. DEFT Zero is based on Lubuntu 14.04.02 LTS and its future releases will be developed in parallel with DEFT full edition."

"DEFT (acronym for Digital Evidence & Forensics Toolkit) is a distribution made for Computer Forensics, with the purpose of running live on systems without tampering or corrupting devices (hard disks, pendrives, etc…) connected to the PC where the boot process takes place."

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